Greetings from all points near Tiger Beach in the Bahamas.

Things are good here.

Taking some time out from my underwater adventures to welcome a special guest, Steve Hinczynski. He's one of my favorite photographers. Click on the link to find out more. Special Guest: Steve Hinczynski

My agent, Jim Abernethy, is back in the Bahamas this week (I'm negotiating for more tuna, I've been doing a lot of extra work). He also wants me to review his book, which I'll do this week.

That's really about it. I know it's cold in North America - and there's record snowfall in Moscow (I've got Internet access to know these things). So, to those of you freezing, you're welcome to my waters anytime (please just don't take any tuna).

Swim with you later,


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Emma and lemons


Below is a picture of Jim and me. I'm thanking him for removing all the parasites with a ten second french kiss. Oh, by the way, Jim, do I have morning tuna breath? Sometimes divers just don't get that close to me.

Nice pic Bob! I hadn't seen my mating scar on my gill... ouch, still hurts.

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